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Entry #5

I Screwed Up

2009-08-19 00:44:02 by Torak2

Man, My computer broke so I was trying to find to make a movie in PowerPoint and convert it. I submitted it, and it was so messed up I don't know what happened?? I feel aweful. O well I doubt it will survive and I will try again soon!

I Screwed Up


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2009-08-19 01:16:34


Torak2 responds:

Not really, It was so cool if it worked, there was like 5 colored tanks and they all blew each other to bits, and then the rainbow tank came and blew them all up, its a shame it didn't work


2009-08-19 01:55:50

it doesn't work that way. You need flash not some shitty microsoft powerpoint software.

Torak2 responds:

Yeah I know but my p.c broke so I had to remake it on that, its alright though I don't think it will make it anyway